The Fearless Trilogy

Book One: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Released on November 7th, 2012
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Mary Jane never knew what life consisted of beyond taking care of her dying Aunt Eden. But when her aunt made a dying wish for Mary to visit a mansion she’d lived at prior to her cancer, Mary found herself in the center of a whole different world. Even her best friend Lucas has hidden the future to come in hopes that Mary could win eternity with him forever.
Bound to her dying aunt’s life, Mary had to make a deal with the king in order to compete against ten other girls for the chance at the grand prize; immortality. If she didn’t accept the terms of the king, Mary would perish at seventeen. If she did choose to compete for immortality, Mary could spend the rest of her life with Lucas.
No matter what, her aunt would die.
Will Mary choose to compete for immortality? Or will she perish alongside her aunt?  
Book Two: The Secret Vows
Release Date: April 10th, 2013
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Starting her new life as an immortal Greek Goddess, Mary Jane uncovers new difficulties that reveal themselves in her eternity--including losing her Aunt Eden.
Not only does Mary's eternity start with coping with her aunt's death, but Mary faces the revenge hungry, all-powerful Greek God of War Alec and his accomplice Elizabeth. Mary finds herself victim to Alec and Elizabeth's cruel games, and confides in not only Allison, but also Isis--the Greek Goddess with all the answers--to ensure her safety.

All Mary Jane wants is to live her eternity in peace with Lucas. However, when Mary's search for answers leads her to Greece, how much will she be willing to lose in the end?

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