March 9, 2013

Work In Progresses


1. The Secret Vows
Expected Release Date- April 10th, 2013

The Secret Vows is the second installment of the Fearless Series. It begins where 'Til Death Do Us Part leaves off. Not only is Mary Jane now an immortal Greek Goddess, but she is now engaged to her best friend Lucas—or Hermes, the God of Thieves. Mary Jane finds herself in the world that she never knew existed until Eden and Lucas introduced her to new possibilities.
     In this book, you will see the struggle Mary faces dealing with both her past, and Lucas's. In this next installment, you will learn about what Lucas went through in the past and what Mary went through before the accident. This book answers a lot of unanswered questions from 'Til Death Do Us Part. This book also goes more into depth of that of the
     Greek Gods that surround Mary Jane. I am really excited for people to read this book, because if they liked the first one they will like this ten times more.

Here is a quick sneak peek into the Secret Vows that wasn't a preview from the first book.

    “I love you, Lucas,” I whispered looking up to him. “I love you so much, I don’t know how I’m going to say goodbye. 
     I thought I’d be better off fighting for myself—fending for myself—but I think I might be wrong.”
     Lucas smiled. “You’ll do great. Allison will be there for you whenever you need her.    Honestly, though, I think you’ll be perfectly fine on your own.”
     He nodded, his green eyes glistening with certainty.
     I pulled his head down to mine so I could kiss him. He was a few inches taller than me, so I was used to having to make our height difference work. It never stopped me from getting what I wanted.
     I could feel the security that I needed as I kissed him. The hunger inside of me slowly eased as his lips brushed mine.    Maybe this was how I was supposed to say goodbye.
      I latched my arms around his neck as our kiss deepened. I always felt my strongest when he was around. His warmth seemed to give me confidence.
     Before long, Lucas was practically hovering over me. I lied on my back as his body was pressed onto mine, which left electricity sparking deep inside of me.
     I could feel Lucas tense as he pulled me as close he could into him. From deep down inside of him I heard a low, yearning growl. Releasing my arms from around his neck they slid to his shirt, as I tugged on the hem of it.
     Lucas’s warm breath hit my face as his lips traveled down my jaw. He was always so gentle whenever he was around me. It was as if he was afraid he was going to break me or something.
     He moved my hand away from his shirt in a silent no. As my heart raced, I could feel our souls mold together as if they were meant to be. Maybe this was fate, after all.
I tipped my head back as I hooked my hand on the side of his neck. I drew his head onto my neck like I was some sort of vulnerable prey to a vampire.
     In this moment it was just Lucas and me, and that was all I could ever want.

2. Revamped
Expected Release Date- May 2014
Revamped is about none other than...vampires! It's funny because I told myself that I was never going to write a book series about vampires. Yet, here I am writing to you about my new favorite book series I've written (or in the process of writing) about the famous creatures. Out of all my books/stories/novels, I've got to say that this book is the one I'm looking most forward to. (No offense to all my other beloved characters.)
     Revamped is a totally new take on vampires. This book has (so far) two parts. Part one is in the MC's perspective as a human being. The second part of the book is her perspective as a vampire. In this trilogy, vampires aren't like any other that you've read about. No they do not spontaneously combust in the sunlight. No they do not sparkle in the sunlight. No they do not... Wait a minute...why am I giving away all the goods??
     Anyways, you get the point. :) Revamped is a new take on the very blood-sucking creatures most people have come to love. So, because I love this project so much I'm including a preview of the book.

 Here it is! (In perspective of the MC; Skylar Dae.)


   I turned around, gripping my suitcase in my hand tightly, to see a tall boy—probably around my age—staring at me. My heart raced in fear because I didn’t even hear anybody walk up behind me.
   He had curly, dark black hair and stormy, silver eyes. He was probably five foot eleven inches and pale as hell. He didn’t look like he got out in the sun much.
    I cleared my throat. “Um…hi?”
    At first I didn’t think that he could hear me. Even if he scared the hell out of me, he was a total hottie. However, his appearance was wearing thin the more time passed when he didn’t say anything.
     Could he speak?
    “I’m, uh, new…,” I told him hesitantly. “My name is Skylar.”
     I debated on whether or not to hold out my hand. He didn’t move an inch since I spoke to him. He watched me, which spread cold chills all over my body. His silver eyes were shining.
     “You’re scaring me,” I told him.
      I thought about making a run for it and bolting into the house because he was being über creepy just standing there and staring at me like a statue. But there was something about him that made me feel like I knew I was safe. Finally, after a good two minutes passed, he said,    “You can see me?”
      Was he serious?
      “Yeah,” I answered. “Can…you see me?”
      Was this some sort of ‘pick on the new girl’ joke? Or was he some psychopath that was about to murder me in broad daylight? Either way this was really eerie.
       He just nodded.
      “So…can I help you with something?” I asked looking at my suitcase and looking back at him. “I’m kind of busy unpacking. Like I said…I’m new.”
      “I’m Xavier,” he said quietly in a southern accent. I always liked southern drawls and it defiantly worked well on him.
      I smiled at him.
     Before I could say anything, the door opened and my mom poked her head out. “Skylar who are you talking to?”
    My eyes went from mom to where Xavier was standing but Xavier wasn’t there anymore. He just…vanished in thin air. And now mom thinks I’m talking to an imaginary guy.
     “I was talking to…” I bit my lip and looked around. Xavier wasn’t anywhere. He just disappeared right in front of me. I looked at mom to see her concerned face. “A neighbor dropped by to say hello.”
     Mom didn’t look convinced but she smiled anyway. “Well that was nice. Who was it?”
     I closed the truck door and carried my suitcase inside.
     “He said his name was Xavier,” I told her, setting the suitcase down. “He just dropped in really quick to welcome me to the neighborhood.”
      It wasn’t a total lie. I mean, he did drop in. He didn’t really seem to tell me why he dropped in and I wasn’t going to make mom think I was insane. I am kind of glad he’s gone now because he wasn’t acting quite right. Was he on drugs or something?
     “Well it’s good that people are so welcoming,” Mom said happily. With a smile on her face she added, “Southern hospitality, right?”
      That’s not what I’d call it, I said quietly to myself.
     “Yeah,” I said instead.

3. Testing Fate
Expected Release Date- February 2014
Testing Fate is the next project to be released after The Fearless Series is over. I began writing Testing Fate after I finished writing 'Til Death Do Us Part. I immediately fell in love with the characters and from then on I have made some pretty good progress with the novel. I can tell you right now, that Testing Fate is probably going to be one book. Instead of making it part of a series, I decided having one book was better in the long run. Although I do love the characters, I feel like I'm better off investing my time in my other series once Testing Fate is finishing being written.
      Testing Fate is set in medieval time. Not only is the MC the Princess of Lumen, but she is also a new-angel, or better known as a Healer. Her family is the second most powerful family in Heaven, and they all have the same powers. The MC (Anastasia) is set to marry the man her father chooses for her after she comes into her powers, to make their families power extends through the generations.
      I'm going to wait to include a sneak peek of this book, because I'm in the process of editing it right now. So when I feel the novel is good and ready, I will make a post dedicated to my second project!
     Sound like a deal?

For right now, I think that's all! Now that you know my projects that I've been working very hard on, you can expect what is to come in the future. Don't worry, there will be plenty more sneak peeks and previews later, but I don't want to give away too much so early.


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