May 18, 2013

My Return!

I know I have been absent for a while, but I have been pretty busy! However, I'm back!

Sales for 'Til Death Do Us Part have been wonderful in April! Now, all I need is more reviews! Also, I am involved in a summer Kindle Fire giveaway! How awesome is that? When I get more details as to what the giveaway involves, I'l post them on here. What I do know about the giveaway is that a lot of wonderful authors are participating!

Want a list of authors that are involved so far? Know any? Here they are:

Authors involved in the giveaway
Quinn Loftis
Rue Volley
Cameo Renea
Komal Kant
CM Stunich
Airicka Phoenix
Nadege Richards
Tianna Scott
Rochelle Maya
Willow Cross
Janiera Eldridge
Amanda Browning
Shanora Williams
Tabatha Vargo
Alexia Purdy
Nely Cab
Kristie Cook
Julia Crane
Jillian Jenkins
Peggy Martinez
Racquel Jones
!B.C. Doyle!
LM Preston
JD Nelson
Tiffany Stevens
Alivia Anders
Ruthi Kight
Cambria Hebert
Sandra Bischoff
Carly Wallace
Monique O'Connor
That is all I have for you right now, but I promise to post with details ASAP!
-- B.C. Doyle

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